A centre for the treatment of eating disorders

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A centre for the treatment of eating disorders

Newmarket House

Founded in 1996, Newmarket House is an independent residential hospital dedicated solely to the treatment of eating disorders. It continues to be a dynamic, developing service, maintaining the highest standards. We work closely with the NHS as a provider of a 'niche' resource to both local and national referrers.

Newmarket House occupies a spacious Victorian house set in a large garden one mile from the centre of Norwich. It retains the ambience of a family home.

We offer patients

  • a philosophy based on a person-centred approach
  • a calm, optimistic environment within a climate of honesty and openness
  • a programme designed to reinstate both physical and psychological well being
  • the opportunity to explore and rediscover a sense of identity
  • the chance to develop and practise living skills
  • close support for families and carers
  • a respect for individual cultural and religious backgrounds
  • flexible discharge planning to ensure continuing recovery

The comprehensive and seamless nature of the treatment we offer leads to a minimised risk of relapse, thus avoiding the 'revolving door syndrome' that is common in the treatment histories of those with severe eating disorders.

"We have monitored the performance of the organisation over the years, in this very difficult area of clinical work. We have been impressed by the outcomes achieved by Newmarket House and the sensitive, caring and planned approach to the individual packages of care developed. The organisation works well with partner organisations in returning service users back to the community ... The clinical input to the service users, in my experience, is excellent ... The approach used with the service users is to work in partnership with them to provide care at a pace that is in keeping with the individual and to ensure that independence and not dependence is core to the therapeutic programme". (Commissioner)

Newmarket House is committed to the principles of clinical governance.  It is registered as a Private Voluntary Hospital with The Care Quality Commission. You can view the latest CQC Inspection Report here.  It is accredited by the Quality Network for Eating Disorders.

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